Rosemont Wellness Center is on the first floor at 619 Brighton Avenue

Rosemont Wellness Center is on the first floor at 619 Brighton Avenue


Our Story

Rosemont Wellness Center houses a range of health and wellness practices largely focused on women's and children's health. It offers professional, welcoming office space that is ADA accessible and HIPAA compliant. In addition to the variety of services, Rosemont also features a lovely studio space where we host workshops and classes that support our vision to cultivate health in the heart of the Rosemont/Deering neighborhood of Portland, Maine.  

Rosemont Wellness Center occupies half of the first floor at 619 Brighton Avenue, a building many remember as the former site of Generations Ob/Gyn. RWC is thrilled to bring the spirit of Generations back to the building. A local IT company, Glacial Multimedia, owns the building and is headquartered on the 2nd floor.   

Rosemont Wellness Center began when reality crossed with a long-time dream. Acupuncturist and owner of Six Branches Family Acupuncture Naomi Skoglund needed to find office space to expand her practice. She had always dreamed of working in a space that included many practitioners and was a center for community engagement. Taking a leap of faith to combine this long-term vision with the kind of office space she was looking for, Naomi reached out to collaborate with practitioners Allison Poole, Jessica Thomas, Tricia Albert, and Holly Christensen, with visioning input from Paula Norcott and Laura Meyer, to launch Rosemont Wellness Center in early 2018. Face First Therapeutic Skin Care and Spiral Tree Yoga joined the mix in Spring 2018, Hannah Neumann and Elizabeth Miles joined in October 2018, and Lori Fecteau joined in January 2019. 

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Join Us

Studio space rental

Our 350 sq ft studio space is available for rent for classes, workshops, meetings or lectures. It is available both for one-time events and ongoing classes or series. We welcome topics and groups that promote health and wellness or build community and that are not specifically marketing a product.  

All public events and classes held at the Center will be posted on the website and on our Facebook page.

Rates range from $25-$30/hr.  Please email classes@rosemontwellness.com for more information.