What When How [Pre]Menopause Workshop

When we are feeling great– vibrant and full of energy, we can assume that our hormones are in balance and our systems are humming along as they are meant to.

It is when we feel like our moods are all over the place, have low energy, brain fog and lost libido, that we can assume that our hormones may be out of whack. This can be a sign that we are in [pre]menopause, or it may be a sign of something else.

What You Will Learn:
-What exactly is [pre]menopause, what hormones and systems are involved and what might be symptoms of [pre]menopause.
-When does it begin and how long it may last
-How to minimize the symptoms of [pre]menopause and prepare for menopause

This workshop is particularly geared for women between the age of 35-55 who are experiencing mood swings, brain fog, low energy, weight gain, and low libido.

However, this workshop is appropriate for women of any age who want to prepare for menopause, prevent symptoms and effects of hormonal changes, and preserve a vital sense of well being.

The workshop will be held at Rosemont Wellness Center. There is easy parking, babes in arms welcome, and please wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in!

This 90min workshop is $25.
Register Today! Space is limited

Naomi Skoglundevent