Mindful Movement With Alice MacDonald

Mindful Movement with Alice MacDonald

Saturday, February 2nd


Mindful Movement class is taught through the lens of the Alexander Technique principles and teaches a process for finding organization in the body and ease in coordination of movement. In Mindful Movement we will look at how we’re doing what we’re doing in order to build awareness of our approach to movement. By shedding light on how we’re thinking and moving we create the opportunity for choice and change. We can then direct our attention towards ways of thought and movement that allow for ease and optimal functioning. This process can be applied to daily activities as well as specific skills, allowing one to find ease and lightness in all that they do. In class, students are guided through simple movement that start on the floor and progress through sitting, and up to standing, balancing and walking. Mindful Movement provides tools for understanding dynamic balance, un-doing unnecessary effort and tension, and improving coordination and ease in movement.

Benefits of Mindful Movement: Increased ease in focus & attention; improved balance & coordination; increased efficiency in movement; increase spatial and kinesthetic awareness; decrease in habitual pain & tension; an experience of using less effort generally; improved quality of breathing.

No experience s necessary, all are welcome. Register at rosemontwellness.com/yoga

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