Centering The Heart: Honoring Your Fertility Journey

Join Jackie Gallo of The Wrens Nest and Naomi Skoglund of Six Branches Family Acupuncture for this interactive workshop that explores how Qi Gong, Yoga, acupuncture, and herbs can help to support healthy fertility. Designed for both women and men in their fertility journey, we will talk about the Vedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives on fertility and learn both restorative yoga and qi gong practices for cultivating a heart connection through the process of trying to get pregnant.

Our time together will begin with a shared cup of tea and conversation. Jackie will briefly introduce the herbs meant to ease tension and gently uplift. Naomi will provide insight into how Traditional Chinese Medicine can support you on your fertility journey. The discussion will be followed by a Qi Gong practice. We will then finish our time together with a Restorative Yoga practice meant to facilitate heart opening and release tension in the reproductive organs.

Date: May 4th, 2019

Time: 1:00-2:30pm

Investment: $30

Naomi Skoglundevent