Evidence-based Essential Oil Use In Pregnancy

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Evidence-based Essential Oil Use In Pregnancy: A WORKSHOP

Wednesday, October 2nd 6:30-8:00pm

Cost: $30 before 9/25, $35 after 9/25.

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Using essential oils in pregnancy is a controversial subject, and rightfully so. From the moment of conception a pregnant person’s instinct is to protect the unborn from harm, so it is logical to question the safety of essential oils— a substance we hear about, see, and smell everywhere these days.

Due to the limited research on the hundreds of essential oil components and how they interact within this stage of life, it is advised to use caution with essential oils in pregnancy by following evidence-based practices. But don’t let that scare you into avoiding essential oils! The good news is there is legitimate research on particular essential oils in prenatal care. Understanding which essential oils are safe, what methods of application are relevant and when it’s not appropriate to use essential oils makes all the difference for a safe and effective outcome.

Join Stephanie Veilleux Welch, Certified Aromatherapist and Doula, as she helps you navigate your way through the abundance of misleading advice on essential oil use in pregnancy. Become empowered with evidence-based essential oil practices to safeguard you and your baby while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

This event has no connection with any particular brand of essential oils. Participants will receive a “Methods of Use and Dilution” Chart, one aromatherapy inhaler, and several opportunities to win aroma-related prizes throughout the class presentation— including an Evidence Based Essential Oil Kit for Pregnancy (over $75.00 value).

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Stephanie Veilleux Welch is a Certified Aromatherapist and Childbirth Doula with over 400 hours of essential oil education, including the chemistry and pharmacokinetics of essential oils from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, and a variety of the industry’s leading essential oil experts. Her background consists of serving as the National Representative for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists for 4 years, and over a decade of experience in her own practice with essential oil use for women & children’s health. 

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