Mudra & Restorative Yoga

As the temperatures drop & the winds kick up, we will find ourselves called toward an innate need for nourishment & grounding. While the forests & fields honor their cycles of change & release, we'll also hone in on our own processes of distillation & letting go. During this time of year, Restorative Yoga is a wonderful way to nurture our minds, bodies & energies.

In this workshop, the use of supportive props & long, quiet holds will support this need to ground, slow down & simplify. A guided mudra & meditation specifically associated with Autumn will be offered to intentionally bring balance to the mind & body.

Together we will align with practices that help navigate the transition toward the cooler & more inward seasons of Autumn & early Winter.

This practice is open to all level practitioners.

$25 per person / $20 for RWC members

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Naomi Skoglundevent