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About Hannah

Hannah is a Practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy with advanced training in supporting women through preconception, pregnancy and postpartum. Hannah graduated with a BA in Psychology from Bellarmine University in 2012, and from Birthwise Midwifery School in June of 2018. She is currently completing her final requirements to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and works part time as an assistant midwife.

What are The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy?

The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) is an external, non-invasive treatment of the abdominal and pelvic area that gently guides internal organs into their appropriate anatomical positions. The technique works by relieving diaphragmatic tension & congestion throughout the abdominal region, to improve the flow and function of the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems.

While it is best known for its work to improve fertility and ease menstrual pain, it is also an effective technique for relief of many common digestive disorders. The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapies™ are offered as a supportive modality to enhance health and wellness, and are not meant as an entire approach to health care. If you have any serious medical conditions, please consult your health care  provider first.

History of Arvigo Therapy

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapies™ are founded on the ancient Mayan technique of abdominal massage. Dr. Rosita Arvigo combined her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, naprapathy (study of muscles, ligaments and connective tissue) with these traditional methods to form the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™. The techniques were taught to Dr. Arvigo during her ten year apprenticeship with widely known and respect traditional Mayan healer Don Elijio Panti, who was recognized by the New York Times as “The last Maya master healer in Belize.” She studied closely with Don Elijio until he passed away in 1996 at the age of 103. Dr. Arvigo also studied with Hortence Robinson, a Belizean midwife who assisted women in childbirth for over 60 years.  

Rosita founded the Arvigo Institute in 2000 and trains professionals world-wide. She is the author of 6 books and the founder of the Ix Chel Tropical Research Foundation and the Children’s Bush Medicine Camp. This work is deeply rooted in the traditional healers and midwives of Central America. It is on their shoulders and with gratitude we are able to share these therapeutic techniques today.

What to expect during a treatment

Each treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs. During our initial visit we will review your health history, discuss your primary reason for seeking therapy,  and work to address your health goals.

Please allow 2 hours for the initial session:

  • Comprehensive review of personal health history and current health care needs;

  • Abdominal Massage focused on aligning reproductive and abdominal organs;

  • Neuromuscular massage to mid and lower back muscles;

  • Evaluation and application of structural alignment of spine with attention to the sacrum, lumbar and thoracic spine;

  • Instruction in Self Care techniques that individuals can apply at home;

  • Recommendation for follow-up care and complementary modalities.

Follow-up care depends on individual goals and results. Typically 3-4 sessions is suggested. We work together to ensure your individual health care needs either through Maya Abdominal Therapy™ or referral to additional health care providers when necessary to achieve your goals.  

Common symptoms and conditions

Arvigo® Therapy aims to treat a wide array of reproductive and gastrointestinal complaints as practitioners focus on the abdomen, lower back, and hips to trigger deep healing for all of the body’s systems. It can alleviate low back pain, symptoms of indigestion, help women with painful cycles, and much more. The following are the most common symptoms and conditions that Arvigo Therapy may help address:

  • Digestive disorders (Crohn’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastritis, Constipation, Indigestion, etc.)

  • Muscular Tension

  • Urinary System (incontinence, frequent urinary infections, etc.)           

  • Fertility Enhancement

  • Post Surgical (scar tissue, recovery, etc.)

  • Menstrual Disorders (painful/ irregular periods)

  • Pre-Conception through Postpartum

  • Discomforts of Pregnancy

  • Birth Preparation

  • Cesarean section/hysterectomy surgery recovery

  • Menopause

  • Pelvic Organ Congestion (endometriosis, cysts, fibroids)

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome

  • Chronic bladder/yeast infections

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

Contraindications, Cautions, and Modifications

There are certain conditions where application of these techniques are either contraindicated or require modification. Please consult with Hannah if you have any questions.

  • During active menstruation

  • IUD (intra-uterine device for contraception) is present

  • Immediately after abdominal surgery

  • Active infection or cancer present in pelvic area, or while undergoing chemotherapy

  • During the first trimester (19 weeks) of pregnancy (modification)

  • Hiatal Hernia (gentle massage required)

  • Active and acute infection

  • Abdominal Aneurysm

  • Diastasis Rectus

  • Pessary for uterine prolapse (remove prior to your session)

  • Any serious health condition that causes you concern

What is "Self-Care" and why does it help?

The self-care massage is what makes Arvigo Therapy unique! Dr. Rosita Arvigo understood the value of empowering clients to take healing into their own hands. During your initial visit you will be taught self-care techniques to apply at home to complement the therapeutic benefits of your session. Many clients report enhanced wellness benefits when they perform their self-care massage regularly. Through self-care massage you will develop a deeper understanding of your own body, see faster results from the work, and in many cases lessen the need for endless treatments with a therapist.

Rates and treatment plans

Ideally we can get to work on a 3 month program of Arvigo Therapy right away. This plan combines professional treatments with the self-care massage that you can do yourself at home. A customized treatment plan is put together for you based on your health history and needs, and may also include home use of castor oil packs and other wellness tips.

  • Initial Session / 1.5+hr / $125

  • Follow Up sessions / 1+hr / $75

  • Fertility Enhancement plan /initial + 3 follow-up treatments / $300

  • Pregnancy Packages:

  • Initial Session / 1.5+hr / $125

  • Follow Up sessions / 1+hr / $75

  • 10 pack /includes initial visit +8 prenatal +1 postpartum/ $725

  • 7 pack /includes initial visit + 5 prenatal +1 postpartum/ $600

Arvigo Therapy® and IUI or IVF

How does Arvigo Therapy® help me prepare for IUI or IVF?

This therapy helps to balance blood and nutrient flow to the reproductive organs and also helps carry away wastes with the lymph fluid.  Abdominal massage work can also help support the optimal position of the uterus, thereby helping to improve fresh blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.

When can I have Arvigo Therapy® treatments?

Ideally allow a 3 month period of treatment prior to trying to conceive. However, if you have already begun the IUI/IVF process this supportive massage work can still be very beneficial. Depending on where you are in the process, we will customize the best schedule for you, working in tune with your menstrual cycle.

The best time to receive this massage is in the window after menstruation and before ovulation. During that time your ovarian follicles are still maturing and can benefit from increased circulation. As you prepare for the IUI or IVF process, Arvigo Therapy can also help balance abdominal bloating and relax the nervous system. This is a relaxing, emotionally supportive treatment during a time that can be stressful for many women. You will also learn the self care abdominal massage techniques that can be done on a daily basis and will help to prolong the effect of the professional treatments.

Treatments can be performed once a week up to when the IUI/IVF stimulation cycle begins. Ideally, we can schedule you for 3-4 visits leading up to stimulation of the ovaries. It is also beneficial to have a treatment scheduled prior to a Frozen Embryo Transfer or prior to IUI (without injectable stimulation).

Abdominal massage (including self care massage) should not be done after the transfer (or IUI insemination) and until week 20 of pregnancy. Other supportive therapies such as Acupuncture are safe to use during this period.

Arvigo® Therapy for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Many women benefit from receiving regular Arvigo® sessions throughout their pregnancy and postpartum recovery. ATMAT can help to strengthen and normalize uterine function, provide emotional support during your pregnancy, and help support healing after childbirth. Monthly treatments until the third trimester are recommended, followed by increasing frequency of every 2-4 weeks as you approach your estimated due date. At least one treatment at 6 weeks postpartum is a part of all pregnancy packages.

Benefits for Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

  • Optimizes uterine position for a successful pregnancy;

  • Relieves pain and discomforts of pregnancy;

  • Improves blood flow to the pelvic floor and baby;

  • Increases oxytocin to help reduce tension, anxiety, and fear;

  • Decreases nausea, congestion, and swelling;

  • Improves alignment of pelvic bones, joint flexibility, and mobility of the sacrum during labor;

  • Protects uterine ligaments from exaggerated stretching and reduces ligament pain;

  • Assists in alleviating pregnancy induced heartburn and constipation;

  • Improves fetal positioning for birth;

  • Helps to facilitate a space to heal past traumas;

  • Increases the efficiency of labor from active labor to birth;

  • Increases the confidence of mother during labor;

  • Improves healing for diastasis recti;

  • Involution of the uterus occurs more efficiently;

  • Loving touch for uterine scar and reduces excessive scar tissue.

What to expect from Arvigo Therapy during pregnancy

During pregnancy, Arvigo therapy techniques work with a woman's growing uterus, hips,  lower back, and sacrum to support the physical changes experienced during pregnancy. This gentle, non-invasive massage helps support mother and baby by balancing and creating space in the womb.

As your baby and uterus grow, uterine and pelvic ligaments, as well as pelvic floor muscles, experience additional strain. With regular treatments, the uterus is encouraged to stay  well-positioned and receives optimal blood supply, so both baby and uterus grow strong and resilient. Techniques which focus on the upper abdomen above the uterine fundus (the top of the uterus) can also bring relief to expectant mothers who suffer from common pregnancy complaints such as heartburn, sluggish bowels, difficulty breathing, etc.

During pregnancy, your growing womb causes organs to shift and move against the diaphragm. Techniques which focus on the upper abdomen can bring relief to such symptoms as heartburn, constipation, and shortness of breath due to shifting organs and increasing pressure. Arvigo therapy can alleviate these common pregnancy stressors, increase absorption of nutrients, improve digestion, and reduce nausea and heartburn. Techniques to treat the  lower back, hips and sacrum during pregnancy work to reduce muscle tension, as well as restore balance to overstretched muscles and ligaments.

Arvigo pregnancy massage begins at 20 weeks. To receive optimum benefits, most mothers find six to nine prenatal sessions and at least one postpartum session to be optimal.

Postpartum healing with Arvigo Therapy

Postpartum is a time of physical and emotional readjustments. The techniques used help your body's innate healing process as you undergo both physiologic and structural changes. Postpartum massage helps to realign the spine, restore the abdomen, soothe sore muscles and relax the new mother- all which help her to bond with and care for her infant.

A new mom can receive Arvigo Therapy at 6 weeks postpartum and resume her self care massage regimen at this time. There are additional benefits of receiving this therapy during the immediate and long-term postpartum periods:

  • Help healing for diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles);

  • Addresses pain from low back/sacral/coccyx injuries that may have occurred during birth;

  • Facilitates spiritual healing from surgical, especially emergency and birth traumas;

  • Fosters healing from the inside out, improving the potential for a successful VBAC by helping reduce and resolve excessive scar tissue that may have resulted from a caesarean birth.

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