six branches family acupuncture

Six Branches Family Acupuncture offers a holistic approach to healthcare for people of all ages, even for babies as young as 2 months.  Appointments at Six Branches Family Acupuncture may include acupuncture, massage, cupping, moxabustion, and/or custom herbal consultations.  

Why Six Branches?

“Six Branches” refers to the idea of six major acupuncture meridians branching throughout the body like limbs of a strong tree.  In traditional acupuncture, the meridians are thought of as pathways in the body for the movement of ‘Qi’.  We don’t completely understand this phenomenon in modern scientific thinking but there have been studies that have shown higher electrical conductance through the fascia along the meridian pathways.

Naomi Skoglund is a Nationally-Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and the owner of Six Branches Family Acupuncture.  She takes your health concerns seriously and aims to be your partner in working towards optimal health.  Over the past 6 years, she has seen the ways that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine empower her patients to take charge of their health.  Again and again, her patients report significant reduction in symptoms, less pain, better sleep, better immune systems, and an improved overall sense of well-being.

Naomi earned a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 3,500 hours of didactic and clinical training from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, CA, one of the most prestigious schools for Chinese Medicine in the world.  Her pursuit of knowledge hasn’t stopped, however. Since graduating, she has completed extensive post-graduate course work focused on treating women’s health, complications of pregnancy, and pediatrics. She has studied with master practitioners such as Dr Aide Men, Raven Lang, Sharon Weizenbaum, Jane Lyttleton, Randine Lewis and Claudia Citkovitz.  She is currently studying with the White Pine Institute’s Graduate Mentorship Program under master herbalist Sharon Weizenbaum in order to take her herbal training to an entirely new level.

Before becoming an acupuncturist, Naomi was a public school teacher in New York City, where she worked with students with learning and emotional difficulties.  Naomi relocated to Maine in 2015 with her daughter and husband, who is from Maine.  She sees practicing Acupuncture and Chinese medicine as an extension of the work she did as a teacher and is committed to helping people grow and thrive. When she’s not helping people live the healthy lives they want, Naomi enjoys cooking, hiking, and making up silly songs with her daughter.


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